Shipping Process/Costs:

Shipping any live animal is a delicate process that is taken very seriously.  There are
procedures that are followed to insure the safety and security of each animal being
shipped.  We are known shippers with several airlines that ship all over the world.  
The guidelines and restrictions have changed over the past couple of years and are
different with each airline.  Shipping your puppy in cabin with you or a pet nanny is
a possible option as long as puppy is at least 8 weeks and under 20 lbs with a health
certificate, so in our breed this has to be done as close to 8 weeks as possible to
avoid going over the weight restriction.  Shipping costs vary by destination and time
of year and availability for flight tickets and/or pet nanny's reservations.  Pick up
direct is always our preferred option.  We understand that option is not always
practical or convenient with jobs, families and other previous commitments so we
can also arrange ground transport where needed with trusted pet transporters and we
even have our personal delivery guys that make runs for us when their schedule
allows.  All delivery fees are case by case with each particular puppy and new owner.  
There are several variables that play into part when shipping live animals.  Available
space and weather can play a major role on when your puppy or dog is shipped.  
Different airlines have different shipping requirements for each breed. We will work
with all customers to plan the most convenient and safe method of shipping.  Pick
up is also available and encouraged by appointment.

Payment Methods We Accept:

Once an agreement is made and contract is signed on any transaction, we will arrange
for payment to be made either with a deposit or in full before shipping or pick up.  
We currently accept Cash, Money Order,  Also accepted are Visa, Mastercard,
Discover, Amex, Venmo, Bank to Bank Wire, Zelle Payment and Paypal.  All
customer information is secure and will not be released for any reason.
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