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Paragon Bordeaux, a professional Bordeaux
Breeder who concentrates on health, beauty
& wonderful tempermants.  Our specialty is
"high-end Bordeaux" for those who crave
ultimate luxury & knowledgeable expertise,
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Paragon Bordeaux
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sub-adult dogs up to
retired adults
available to select
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When you have the
best and breed to
the best then you
are surely going to
have the best pups
too. Take a look at
my beautiful
daughters you will
see for sure she has
some great
bloodlines as well.
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Upcoming Litter- Born 10/18/2019
Pretty x

   Males                                  Females
1. Olivas- California     1. Saylor- Ohio
2. Aguilar- Mexico      2. Wilmet- Wisconsin
                                    3. _______________

Paragon Bordeaux

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