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Paragon Bordeaux
Well, we have been blessed to gain a new addition to our family this
week...thanks to our good friend, Teddy Lawhead. You have done such a great
job raising a spoiled rotten, well-rounded, perfectly trained, strong, healthy
boy...we can now enjoy LEGEND in our home in our everyday life here in
Kentucky with our kids on our farm and still have Teddy Lawhead be owner
and a big part of Legend's life. What a great job u have done raising this
beautiful Bordeaux. He is adjusting so well and already trying to tear the
house up...lol...God really had his hand in getting him here and bringing
Teddy and us together to give Legend everything he has ever wanted. He has
so much to offer our family and also the whole Bordeaux breed. We look
forward to posting updates and videos so everyone can still follow and enjoy
his loving, funny personality and also see how he is living happily here with
us...it is truly a blessing. Of course, with anything in life that happens others
want to take advantage of and look negatively on the situation....we are taking
the high road and disregarding the negativity and doing what's right by
Legend in this situation....THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS...so please keep any
negativity to yourself and know that Legend will be well-loved and taken care
of like one of our own kids. He has really taken to our family already right out
of the gate and tackles us when we come in the door with love..u can really tell
he was raised with an abundance of love and still has a puppy-like, playful
soul that we are so lucky to know and witness first hand. We are very excited
to keep Legend close to his home where he was raised here in the states and
we truly believe it has made his transition that much easier. Thank you for
sharing our excitement of having him here and Teddy and the Lawhead family
still being a big part of our's and Legend's life. Jim and Amber