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We appreciate your interest in our Bordeaux's.  We receive numerous inquiries on our
puppies and have a few basic questions for potential owners to insure the safety of the pup
helps protects our puppies from backyard breeders, puppy mills, and people who have cruel
intentions.  This also allows us to follow up with Bordeaux contacts and past customers when
we have updated Bordeaux news like upcoming litters and show information. For further
..."Quality Beyond Measure"
Puppy Inquiry
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We don't act as a pet store and do not grant adoption privileges to just anyone and everyone.  We
a detailed adoption application to be completed and reserve the right to refuse sale of any
puppy pictured on our website should we feel that your home or facility is not suitable.  We obtain the
right to be selective and continue searching for the best home for each and every puppy we bring in this
world at our own discretion until the perfect match is found for each individual Paragon puppy.