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Paragon Bordeaux
Clubdogshow in Hlučín (9.5.2009) - very promising 1, the best baby
13.6.2009 national show Erfurt, puppy class, VP1, the best puppy
14.6.2009 international show Erfurt, puppy class, VP1, the best puppy
4.7.2009 Meisdorf Germany - VV1, the best baby
5.7.2009 Meisdorf Germany - VV1, the best baby
3.7.2010 Meisdorf Germany, intermedia class, - EX1, VDH-CAC
4.7.2010 Meisdorf Germany, intermedia class, - EX1, VDH-CAC
18.7.2010 Mladá Boleslav, national show - intermedia class - excelent 2, r. CAC
21.9.2010 MVP Leipzig Germany - exelent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
22.9.2010 NV Leipzig Germany - excelent 1, CAC
3.10.2010 Special moloss show - excelent 1, CAC
19.4.2011 international show in Dresden - open class - EX1, VDH, CAC, CACIB
7.5 2011 Hlučín - clubmatch - open class - EX 3

..."Quality Beyond
Mark this historical moment in time, the moment when American Bordeaux lovers realize how
amazing and gorgeous the black mask Bordeaux really is.  The prejudice towards black mask
Bordeaux has lasted long enough, it's not that the black mask isn't as appealing America has just
never seen an extraordinary ideal black mask,  well.... here he is.... Payk, an import from Czech
Republic, son of our very own CH. Heimer's Debonnaire.  Debonnaire has made his mark on the
bordeaux breed and passed along a black mask cloan of himself with more size and flashy
markings that make him that "WOW" dog everyone talks about.  Payk is known world wide and
is going to be the one black mask stud in America to change everyone's mind about the black
mask, what an amazing stud.  We would like to thank, Libuse and Mirek Schreiber of Kennel Z
Orisku in Czech Republic, our partners and dear friends, who bred and hand raised Payk in their
home.  They have trusted us with this stunning boy who is a blessing and just amazing to
anyone who knows anything about Bordeaux's. Payk's disposition is that of an angel and he
literally has it all.   

With the top red masked Bordeaux's in the world being right here at
Paragon, you didn't think I could stop there did you?  You know
me better than that ....there's is
always more.
Now meet Payk the #1 Black Mask Bordeaux.