Happy Paragon Puppy Families
Here at Paragon, we are helping dreams
come true one family at a time

Our dear friends Jennifer and
Top selling Country music star
and their newest addition
Paragon's Big "Homie"
Thank you Chris and Jennifer for giving "Homie" such a wonderful home.  
Pictured below in Aug. 2008 edition of 'Country Weekly' is star, Chris Cagle,
with his Paragon pup, Homie.
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Paragon Bordeaux

This is what breeding is all about- people loose sight of the joys of the breed and what these
dogs bring to a family.  Quentin in Ohio took home a keeper, now known as "Escobar".
"Hello again Jim and Amber just wanted to let you know we made it home safe, and Thanks
again for a wonderful experience in meeting you, and the dogs. This is a dream come true for
me and very breath taking. During this journey of finding trust worthy people and very sound
and WELL bred dogs has been somewhat discouraging for me including with finances, But this
visit has given me more POWER and focus that I can do anything if I strive and keep my heart
focused. Not just blowing steam or brown nosing this is REAL TALK. I assure you Paragon's
Escobar will have a great home and family and will be shown. THANKS JIM and AMBER !"

This boy, aka Bentley,
went to Jeff Outlaw
and his beautiful
family who picked up
their puppy to keep
their kids close to
home and believe me
they aren't go far from
Bentley, Looks like
Bentley doesn't have
to fight for attention
in this new home.
Int'l. CH Paragon's Kiss my Glass of Moonshine at Lipstick"

"I am sending you Moonshine's show photo from this past weekend. We are so proud of our girl. We
participated in an International Show in Austin and she showed like a dream. It was her first time in the ring
and boy can she turn on the charm! It was a 4 show weekend and and she went Best of Breed Puppy all 4 shows
and went on to (1) Group 3! The judges loved her. I cant wait to get her into the AKC ring."
                                                                              TammyJo McCleney