At Paragon Bordeaux, our females built the foundation of our
kennel and the quality of our off-springs.  With the pedigrees
and traits our females possess, the puppies they produce
can't be compared to.  We will amaze you with the mass,
strong bone, wide muzzle and all of the traits that everyone
seeks in a ideal Bordeaux.  When matching a pair to breed, the
female is as important or more so as the male.  With the
females we produce, it is easy to mistake a Paragon female as
a male. Our females are outstanding and are the backbone to
our breeding program.
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Paragon Bordeaux
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Paragon's "Blush"

Paragon's "Annie"
Paragon's "Pretty"
Paragon's "Lady"
Paragon's Nayla
1 yr old pictured

Paragon's "Alex"
Paragon's "Mercy"
born Dec. 2020

"Rosy" del Monticano @
Paragon --IMPORT
(11 mos. of age)

Paragon's "Alex"