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In America, it is understood that the black mask
Bordeaux is not appealing for the main reason that
there is none in America in the spotlight.  Now let me
show you once again at Paragon that black masked
Bordeaux's are absolutely gorgeous and all it takes is
carefully selecting the right bloodlines to combine.  
Studs like Beckham is a result of what can happen
when it is done right.  Every breeder in America,
should have a touch of the black mask gene in their
Bordeaux family and bloodline.  The black masks are
for the true Bordeaux enthusiasts. Beckham is still a
baby, Beckham's popularity is already spreading
Jian-Chu Czesku z Oříšků "Beckham"
(Son of Multi Champion Cetje Van't Bulscampvett
and Champion de la Tour Gelee Alda
Still just a baby- a little
over a year- maturing