Here at Paragon, we are about Dogue De Bordeaux's. Bordeaux's are our
passion and our love, but there is more to Paragon than meets the eye.  We,
the owners of Paragon, Jim and Amber Hardesty, are located in Kentucky and
are well known, successful real estate developers, builders, loan officers and real
estate agents.  Real estate is our job, Bordeaux's are our life.  When it comes to
investing money, time and effort in our dogs and kennel there is no limit at
Paragon.  Our experience with Bordeaux's has been a long journey and all
started with our "farm dog" around 10 years ago.  We live on a 25 acre farm
just south of Louisville, KY where our dogs and ourselves enjoy 3 lakes and a
beautiful wooded country setting in the popular Bernheim Forest.  Our facility
includes a 7,000 square foot warehouse that is heated and cooled with its' own
septic system and built for and around our dogs.  This is a one of a kind facility
that is definitely talked about.  We love to show off our custom built
operation and encourage visits by all of our Bordeaux lover enthusiasts. Our
first Bordeaux was actually a gift and all we knew at the time about the breed
was what the movie "Turner and Hooch" showed- which we all can relate to.  
After our long rocky road of raising and learning about the breed over the
years, we have grown to adore everything about them.  Bordeaux's are
incredibly intelligent, loyal, protective and true companions that will steal
anyone's heart as they did ours.  

As everyone knows, actions speak louder than words- so watch and learn about
Paragon.  Our plans for Paragon are huge.  America is not known for their
Dogue De Bordeaux's.  We will change that... mark my words. We appreciate
your interest in Paragon.

BORDEAUX BREED.                                    


About Us
Here at Paragon, not only our dogs are #1 but our
kennel is as well.  We are listing photos of the way
our dogs are housed.  We have heard many times if
people could die and be reincarnated as one of our
dogs they would.  There are some breeders that do
this for money with no clue on how the dogs need to
be treated living in filthy, inhumane conditions
breaks dogs spirits which usually leads to an
unhealthy environment. Here are at Paragon, this is
never the case and our dogs and facilities are kept
spotless.  We have 2 facilities on our property and
rotate our dogs in 3 pastures/fenced in areas, each 3+
acres.  The pictures do not lie and a lot of kennels
would never show you this- we can and we are
proud.  You are welcome to see with your own eyes.
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Weekly cleaning crew,
Cirielo, keeps the
kennels spotless with a
smile on his face
We set the mood for
our couples, we turn up
the heat and turn on the
rope lighting- our boys
are romantic
Above, Our
workmanship is
Left, Automatic waterers
and feeders
Below see 2nd facility -
not completely done-
will be soon
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